Plastic Surgery Associates of Redding


Here are a small sample of the comments others have left on our Patient Survey which is filled out by all our patients after their treatment and follow up.  Here are a few answers from those who allowed us to share:

Rhonda of Cottonwood had both of her eyelids lifted (blepharoplasty) and she said, “Love the staff!!  Very Professional!!”  She also said, “I am amazed and very pleased with Dr. Ball’s work.  My vision has improved greatly.”  Her advice to others considering a blepharoplasty is, “Don’t delay.  It was painless and short down time.”

Nichole of Redding had a Mastopexy (breast lift).  She said Trish (a member of our staff) was very comforting.  She feels very comfortable and more confident about her appearance since her surgery.  The advice she would offer to others considering the same procedure would be, “Meet with Dr. B, ask him your questions. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Ball.”

Shawna from Redding had a breast augmentation and gave us a perfect score on all our survey questions.  She even added three exclamation points when she circled “yes” to the question, Would you refer friends/relatives/associates to him (Dr. Ball)?  Her advice to others considering a breast augmentation: “Not to vacuum on the 3rd day [after the surgery].”

Chelsey of Redding gave us a perfect score on all our survey questions. Her answer describing how she feels about her appearance after her breast augmentation is “Better than before — LOL”

Misty of Hoopa described how she felt about her appearance after her breast augmentation as “much happier”

Tracy of Redding (breast lift) said we were “always friendly and helpful” and that she was “well cared for”.  Her comments about Dr. Ball were: “Always professional. Great sense of humor.”

Amber from Red Bluff (tummy tuck, breast augmentation) said she felt  “Confident” and her advice to others “It is well worth it.”

Judy from Lewiston (facelift) “ I feel much more confident, people respond positively to a younger more attractive face.”   Her advice “Not to be afraid.  There is very little pain involved.  The results are well worth any discomfort.”

Megan from Paradise (breast augmentation and lift) “I feel 100% better.  I feel I healed great!  One day I plan to come in and get more.  You guys are awesome!  Keep up the good work!!”

Kala from Gridley (breast augmentation) “So happy!  I love how they turned out and I feel like a whole new person!!  So in love with them.”  Advice she offers others….”DO IT.”  “Get the gummy bear implants.  Feel very real.”

Roberta from Shasta Lake says “Go For it” when considering plastic surgery and she is “very happy!”  Thank you Roberta!

Marlo from Redding gave the practice all 5s for an excellent rating and said, “I’m very happy!”  For advance to offer to others, “Thank you for your excellent service & care.”

Shauna G from Redding who had a breast re-augmentation with Dr. Mendez stated, “All the staff was helpful.” She would refer friends and relatives to him.  She is “Now filling out clothing (tops)”

Rachel from Redding had a breast reduction with Dr. Ball and says, “I feel healthy and proportional.  I feel more suited for exercising, travel, and an active lifestyle.”  Her advice to others considering the same procedure is, “Use this as an opportunity to improve your overall mental and physical health!  Make sure to take especially good care of your body and mind.”  Her additional comments were, “Thank you for working with my scheduling needs to carry out a timely procedure with attentive follow up.”